Dr. Steve Berk has worked as a Psychologist since 1972, specializing in providing diagnostic, therapeutic

  and consultative services to children and families. He has a longstanding interest in working with individuals

  with cognitive disorders (e.g. learning disabilities, ADHD, NLD, traumatic head injury) and in developing

  modifications of psychotherapeutic techniques which can be more effectively used with “difficult to treat”



  In addition to his clinical practice, he trains and consults nationally through  Community Program Innovations, 

  discussing various topics and issues concerning clinical and educational work with special needs children.

  His vita can be seen here.


  Over the past 30 years, Dr. Berk has also, when indicated, recruited the assistance of  therapy dogs in his work.

  “Linc” is the third therapy dog who has contributed to these efforts. One of the aims of this website is to

  provide a forum for discussing the rationale, benefits and limitations of “animal assisted therapy.”

  While the use of therapy dogs in out-patient work appears to be increasing, there is a paucity of new

  literature covering research, rationale and clinical anecdotes in this area. It also appears that some

  mental health professionals are hesitant to share their experiences using assistance animals, perhaps

  feeling that the use of therapy dogs (or other companion animals) is viewed by others as “less than”

  acceptable in clinical  practice.



 By sharing his own positive and negative experiences on this website, Dr. Berk hopes to cultivate vigorous

 discussion of this important topic.


  Please feel free to e-mail Dr. Berk at admin@drstevenberk.com  with your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

  He would be glad to respond and, with permission, post them on the website.







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